Compatibility meter is broken?

Compatibility meter seems to be broken, every user says 0% (but still shows common artists), glancing at console shows a 404 for…, with the result being {"code":404,"error":"Similar-to user not found"}

Edit: nope, not for every user. Some users work, but f.e. Jonahrf1999, JVines, sammy8806 don’t work for me

can confirm the issue on multiple user pages. it does seem to work with users on my Similar Users panel tho, I even found one where I’ve got a compatibility but no common artists (understandable because of how common artists are calculated)


I do seem to remember that it did work properly for me on earlier this week for all users that had similar artists pop up…

edit: I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue

We’ve found what the problem is and we’re working on fixing it. Stay tuned!