----:com.apple.iTunes can't be shown in iTunes/Apple Music?

So here is a list of tags that seem to be dedicated esp. to iTunes, MP4-wise:

The following tags I’d like to show within iTunes/Apple Music but are simply not there to show/select?

See example in iTunes.
See example in Apple Music.

Can someone tell me why are these called ----:com.apple.iTunes: while they can’t be shown in iTunes?

Since iTunes introduced a lot of tags with the ----:com.apple.iTunes prefix other software adopted it, and it has become kind of a standard to store freeform tags under this prefix.

That doesn’t mean iTunes does support these tags. iTunes only does deal with a couple of tags it supports. It does not allow you to access and show all tags in the files.

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Hmmm interesting.
So they, Apple come up with these prefixes, show a tiny part of the full scale inside their own app only.
Good to know. Thank you.

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