Column Data Visible on One Side Only - Open Ticket or No? PICARD-1248

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I realize that I’m in uncharted territory with some of this… but given what’s happening, I’d imagine this should work…

I’ve added columns to the main window. Some data is does not show on both sides. Some of which I don’t expect to.

Genre, Extension, Format -might- show on the right, though hardly.

The “Media” column refuses to show itself in the header line. Would this be because it could be populated with different data, though if it’s on the right it should be tagged already and have the same value for all the tracks per disc/side at least.

Without having looked at the code, this is most likely because the left side shows individual files - those have information like bitrate, extension, path, etc. attached to them. On the right side, Picard shows tracks - for obvious reasons, tracks without any associated files will not have file metadata attached (bitrate, extension, path) to them, but even for tracks with associated files, the file metadata is not available on the track level (see also: PICARD-259).


I should have clarified that I would not be expecting the track listings to have anything after them by themselves. But when they are populated sometimes I see data on the right if a particular track has multiple files matched to it. As soon as there’s only one file matched to that track, those values will no longer show for that track.

In that functionality, it does fulfill part of the reason I wanted to see those values.

Multiple files on a track? Let me see the file types without having to click, look at the status area for each one, but I’d still like to know if a “perfect” album is made up of tracks of the same format, too. Each can be a different format, bit rate, or any combination thereof , and it’s still a “perfect” album.

Except it’s not, really -that- perfect.

Genre, Ext., Format, Path, Filename are the ones involved.

So, the data is present, just not always visible, hence Open a Ticket or Not?

…and I don’t need to see some of those on both sides, that’s another thing for later. See how to not display “Album Art” on the left… and the file/pathname data may not represent the actual result once it’s saved from the Right. That’s not much of a concern.

As Picard does not have any columns here I think it is pointless to report this as a ticket right now. For general support of customizing the displayed columns there is already a ticket:

Also since you are working on this one note upfront in case you plan to submit this for inclusion in Picard: I don’t think we will accept a patch that just adds a number of columns to either pane. This feature really should allow the user to customize the columns, ideally by right clicking on the header and selecting the columns to display as it is done in many other tools.

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Yes, anything I’ve done so far I’m not even considering submitting until there’s a fully configurable way to use it … and if it makes sense over all. Some things I’m doing are for my workflow and specific needs. I’m just glad I decided to take a crack at peeking under the hood.

…and pretty much, jDownloader’s type of column handling is what I had in mind. Pretty much any good configurable UI with columns lets you dis/enable right there from the header.

I’ll be posting stuff on my fork in a branch so I can keep current as needed, and especially if it’s something triggered from a forum post, I’ll make a mention here about where where to find it.

As for this particular question, Ticket or Not? Since the data is apparently available … which was my larger concern otherwise working on 170 is nearly pointless until data is available in that view.

Now having it refresh things like the visible filename / pathname, that’s all a bonus :slight_smile:
Next I went to figure out how to get a column to display only on one side or the other, as that will probably lead me to other areas of code I should know about.

Right now, if you add a column, as we know, it goes on both sides. So when I broke up the Title column to separate the tracks/image numbers, I’ve got them on both sides. If total tracks could be a thing on the left side, that would be nice, though I’m sure that’s related to the Release data fetched from the server more than that last track tag, since that could be anything or nothing at least until the track has an MBID associated with it.

Though I am determined to contribute somehow into making Picard an even more versatile tool for sorting / sifting / getting duplicates exposed while it fulfills the mission of collecting and encouraging the submission of data. :slight_smile:

The only really sticky thing left with Columns, for me, is to keep their positions / widths on closing. It doesn’t seem to always do that.

“What Have I Done” :blush:

On this topic, basically, with PICARD-170 being closed, plus what I’ve done, PICARD-1248 is mostly implemented.

I don’t have the data in the tag panel, but it is in a column, and if it were actually considered in the matching process that would be a triple crown feature. :slight_smile:

What I’d like to see the ‘perfect’ album indicate is if all tracks are present and the same file format. (mp3, m4a, etc) to show that gold icon.