Color coding or sorting files based on validity of match

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Is there a simple way to get Picard to either sort or color code tracks being worked on by how close of a match they are?

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Hello and and an unofficial welcome to Musicbrainz to you.
Have a read of Picard: Quick Start guide.

Your approach of asking questions when you don’t quickly find an answer is officially recommended on Picard and Musicbrainz. And a very good idea. After 5-10 minutes of no progress - just ask.


There are the color coded rectangle icons in front of the tracks

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Yeah, but what I’m looking for is for the ability to either sort by least or closest matches, or to somehow filter the results to see only matches falling in specific ranges.

The issue is I have a bunch of files that have really messed up metadata (some of which happened when I used Picard, before, a few years back). so I want to see which ones may be wrong, so I can correct them, as they will need the most focus.

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I just mentioned the color boxes because you specifically asked for color coding or sorting :slight_smile: Sorting by match quality is not possible at the moment, sorry. There are a couple of feature requests for better sorting abilities, but this probably needs some redesign on how the lists are handled and AFAIK nobody is working on this:


is there a way to write matching quality to filename?
(then you / I can sort by matching quality outside of MusicBrainz Picard.)