Colon in Windows

I notice that Picard and Windows has some problems with : as it is saved as a _ in Windows. Any way around this? Ticking off “Replace non-ASCII characters” didn’t help.

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Colons are not allowed in file names on windows file systems (NTFS,…). It is absolutely necessary to replace them. It’s not about ASCII characters.


I was dealing with this exact same problem on windows I kept getting underscores in places where I didn’t want them to be. my solution is very simple, first go onto google and search fullwidth colon. it looks just like a normal colon but windows accepts it in their file naming rules. Copy it and pull up picard, go into Options > File naming > Compatibility and click the customize button. Go to the colon box and paste in the fullwidth colon. Done. Now when your files get renamed all colons will appear unchanged. here’s a fullwidth colon i guess you could just copy and paste this one :