Cluster Not Working

Hi Everyone!
I’m a new member of the community, I work for a music library and this software has been very helpful to organize our 30thousand tracks! But for some reason, the Cluster Button has stopped working completely. I click on it and nothing happens. I’ve tried using the original script that comes with it and its simply not working anymore. I haven’t touched anything. I downloaded the newest version and the problem persists… Help!


This is a very basic possibility, but let’s rule it out first: Have you selected the ‘Unclustered files’ folder on the left when you click ‘cluster’?

If you’ve selected just a single file on the left, the cluster button wont do anything, because it can’t cluster a single file (this confuses me every few weeks).

Also, welcome!! A music library - how interesting, is it an organisation you can share with us?


I want to write you a love letter right now! You where spot on. It doesn’t cluster one track to a folder. It needs to be more than 1. Thank you so much! The company I work for is called MusicMind Tracks! You are welcome to check it out! THANK YOU!


I have another question for you…
I am trying to Cluster files with a script that will use Genre, Subgenre and Album name to organize the files in these folders. Im embedding wav files with Soundminer. It doesn’t seem like its embedding subgenre or that subgenre is an option on Musicbrainz at all… So I’m a bit confused.

Letters and poetry etc are gladly accepted!

I suspect you are using Picard a bit differently to its intended purpose, which is to match your files with entries in the MusicBrainz database, and then apply metadata from the database. But I have also used it to save and group files using just their existing metadata - though others have recommended software like mp3tag for that scenario.

re. scripting to use genre and subgenre (guessing these tags are already in the files you’re starting with?) a script angel will hopefully be along to help you. I am an unwashed mass wallowing in ignorance of such things :+1:

Subgenre is not a tag that Picard knows about. I also don’t know what kind of tag would be used for this… Also with WAVE files the situation might be especially complicated. There is no proper standard way to tag WAVE files. Picard embeds ID3 tags in those files to have full tagging support. But not all software supports this. In addition Picard stores some metadata in RIFF tags as understood by e.g. Windows, but this is a very limited format. So it all depends on if and how the subgenre has been stored in the files.

If the files contain ID3 tags and the subgenre is let’s say in a user defined field there, then it would show up in the metadata view. Otherwise it likely is not accessible by Picard.

Furthermore if you want to use MusicBrainz data to get the genre + subgenre for your files such a hierarchy does not exist. Right now there is a list of genres defined for MusicBrainz, but no top genre / sub genre relationship between them.

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