Cluster as release (strange behavior)


I am trying to add release through picard plugin “Add cluster as release”. This cluster consists of 2 folders (161 tracks total). But after adding (i.e. sending to mb site) i have a tracklist of 643(!) tracks, most of which are unnamed and those with names also incorrectly sorted (is it ok to number tracks like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 btw?). Also these unnamed tracks dont have duration.

Hi @Darkloke :slight_smile: I’m not one of the original authors of the plugin, but I am one of the ones having worked the most on it in recent years. I’m guessing there’s a gap in numbering somewhere which causes this.

Can you get a Picard debug log? And can you maybe submit the HTML file the plugin generates?

If you can list the disc and track numbers (and totals) that Picard reports and the disc and track numbers that the files report, that might also be helpful.


Missed this on first reading. You’d want to number things with “1” in the “medium number” (edit: that’s discnumber in Picard) and “1”, “2”, “3”, … in the track number (edit: tracknumber). I don’t think Add Cluster As Release will be able to understand “1.1” etc.

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Hi, @Freso. :slight_smile:

Here is picard log from the moment i launched the program to hitting “Add clusted as release” (option to scan all new files was disabled for this time).

And about numbering - today i met in first such album

I dont know if its done correctly, but i must admit that is comfortable numbering for tracks with alternatives.

And i just saw your answer about 1.1, 1.2 numbering - will try now with usual formatting, just though it was ok, since i saw a release with such formatting.

For releases like that, you should actually use the X.Y notation, but you should do it on the MusicBrainz side—I don’t think Add Cluster As Release can handle them at this point. :confused:

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Yeah, non-stardard numbering was the problem. Thanks, @Freso.

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