Clumsy English "single/EP which was taken from"

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I could swear that yesterday it said “Single taken from the album” but I might be mistaken? If the point is to include EPs then I suggest “Single/EP from the album:”.

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This is partially off-topic, but it’s not always the case that a single is taken from an album. In Japan, the more common scenario is that a single is later included in an album. For years, I didn’t link singles to albums by Japanese artists for this reason. Perhaps we should use some direction-neutral terminology, such as “Single/EP associated with”.


Good point, this is very common “in the West” also; albums get re-packaged to include hit singles and called “Deluxe Edition” or something to that effect.

What @HibiscusKazeneko meant is that songs are released as single first to raise the appeal in the upcoming album.
Then the album is released, including recordings from the singles.

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Or more likely to test the waters to see if there’s enough hype to be able to make/sell an album. There are plenty of artists (mainly idols) who only released one or two singles and no albums; coincidentally their singles didn’t chart or if they did chart, they didn’t rank very high. It’s easy to make the connection that since the artist’s first single(s) didn’t sell well, those involved (record company, artist’s management, etc.) wouldn’t want to bother spending the time and money to make a full album for it to sell only a handful of copies.

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