Client-side pyacoustid


we are students of Informatics and we are working on a project regarding the extraction of fingerprints from audio files with chromaprint and pyacoustid, using a web application. We were wondering if it is possible to extract the fingerprints, without uploading the audio files to the server.

Thank you very much for your time

AFAIK you can use the software chromaprint to extract fingerprints from any audio source. This software runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. In this process, the audio file does not need to be uploaded anywhere.

Without a connection to the acoustid server, you don’t get any additional metadata for your song. If you try to identify your local song, this will not work with a local generated fingerprint only.

Or do you ask if your web application can generate the fingerprint locally and submit only this fingerprint to your web application? For what reason? To identify this song like acoustid webservice?

I was referring to the second one. Yes we want to identify the song exactly like the acoustid webservice.

Thank you for your immediate response.

Sorry, I can’t help you further.
Maybe you should ask @lukz (the developer of AcoustID) for more specific questions.