Client identifiers in listen data

Just my thoughts…

If the payload size increase is not a problem I would suggest the following data:

  • Client name "user_agent"
  • Client home page (i.e. URL) "user_agent_home_url"
  • Developer name(s) / organization "user_agent_developer"
  • Source "listening_from"
  • Player name/package name "player_name"

I think that player name would be a useful addition as to populate the database with known combinations of usable clients for specific players, which could be presented on the site with links to the developers site.

In addition there will be no need to update the thread of known apps List of native ListenBrainz API apps

For example Simple Scobbler for Android can be used with multiple players.

foo_listenbrainz2 or @marc2k3 listenbrainz script is only for foobar2000.

As for Source “listening_from” I have the same interest as @outsidecontext of where my listens are from.