Clicking on My Listens always results in 504

I registered 1-2 Days ago and i could reach the page one time. Now when i click it, it tries to load very long and then I get a 504.
Every other page seems to work.


Sleepy Server

One of our servers appears not to be responding quickly enough. Please try again later.

504 Gateway Timeout

Hi! Can you please share your ListenBrainz user name?

Sure it is the same as my user name here, I used my musicbrainz account to login into listenbrainz and discourse.

Our cache had a bad entry for you, so I removed it. Works for me now, please confirm.


That was quick. It works for me now.
Thank you!

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Having the same issue. Username is Kalarel

Hi! I removed the cache key for you as well and the user page for @Kalarel now loads fine. Can you try and confrm?

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Yes, works fine now, thank you