Clear definition of is_complete

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What is the exact definition of is_complete? I am using it like this in a rename


and while the release type is set, it seems it is not complete according to Picard.
When I cluster the files, the total tracks is set and all individual tracks are available.

There is no release in the DB though. I was hoping that just have a track for all tracks would be good enough for is_complete, but I could not find an exact definition of complete either.

Could someone please fill me in on this?

$is_complete() only works for matched tracks. It is true, if the file is matched to an album, this album has no unmatched files and every track has either a file matched to it or is ignored according to the rules in Options > Advanced.

The album gets a golden disc in this case.


Thanks for the quick answer. Bummer though.

Is there any chance to add another version that also works on unmatched tracks?
Along the lines of this:

def is_complete2(tracks)
  return false if !same_number_of_discs(tracks)
  for disc in number_of_disc(tracks)
    return false if !same_number_of_tracks_for_disc(tracks, disc)
    for track in number_of_tracks(tracks, disc)
      return false if !find_track(tracks, disc, track)
  return true

The requirement for all albums to exactly match the DB is sometimes rather painful.