Classical Piece recorded in alternate key to original composition

I tried hunting down an answer here and in the docs already, and I could have missed it, but…

Right now I’m looking at this release, specifically tracks 13-16 for “Suite for Hunting Horns and Orchestra in D Major”. The best I can figure is that this is a recording that uses hunting horns and is in D Major of Ouverture à 5 in F major, TWV 44:7, 55:F4, by listening to this recording (the video here mentioned the TWV 55:F4 in the description) and recordings of the F major piece.

Is there way to relate the recordings properly to the works? Like, should I make a new work, or would it be something like a “cover” recording? I couldn’t find any other instances of a D Major version, or even mention of hunting horns for Telemann except in passing, but it sounds the same (except for the obvious), so I’m not sure where to go.

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Either use the same work, or create “catch-all for arrangements” works and link to those (such as this example) :slight_smile:

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