Classical music corrections

I have a release that I had added the cover-art for and noticed the track list and recordings don’t quite match the track listing on the back cover. I tried searching recordings to match but didn’t find any. Should I make new recordings all together? If so the classical styles are over my head right now. May have to revisit it another time.


Why do you think they don’t match? :slight_smile: I can see two differences:

  1. The track titles have been standardized because that’s what we used to do ages ago (but we don’t anymore, so you could change them to match the cover)

  2. The track times are slightly different, but it’s normal for printed vs. on disc times to have a few second differences.

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They are in a different key on some and are different parts on some. The first one I looked at was performed by a different orchestra but same conductor.

Hmm. If that recording is also used elsewhere, then you should create a new recording here, yes (if it’s not one of those annoying Scholz recordings, since it seems at least one of these recording is a Scholz one). If it’s only used on this release, then just change the info :slight_smile:

Trying to cross reference the list is going to be fun. Didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I see so far track 3 and 4 fall into that group