Classical full work title on Mozart symphonies release

I’m working on adding

The track list printed in the book has headers like “No. 1 in E flat, KV 16”. That it’s Symphony no. 1 is implied by the release title being “Complete Symphonies”. Normally, I’d think then I should put in the tracks as “Symphony no. 1 in E flat, KV 16: 1. Allegro molto” (etc.).

But it also (on the first disc) has the header “KV App 223/19a in F” which I’d have to rearrange to something like “Symphony in F, KV App 223/19a” (because just plopping “Symphony” in front doesn’t seem to make sense). Similarly with “KV deest in G «Neue Lambacher»” on disc 2. Which goes against having the database tell you what’s actually printed on the release.

Right now I’ve entered the first 6 discs w/o adding “Symphony”, but it looks weird. I’m thinking I should add it, and rearrange as needed.


I don’t edit classical tracks (someone who does will obviously be able to answer this much better), but from what I’ve seen discussed here, classical albums are the primary, if not only, exception to the “as printed” guideline; most answers are essentially “standardize according to the classical style guides”. My recommendation would therefore be to rearrange the title for now, read the pages to make sure you’ve put everything in the proper order, and keep this thread open to see what the official word is.

I wouldn’t be so much against putting Symphony in front actually. “Symphony, KV App. 223/19a in F: 2. Andante” still looks much better to me than just “KV App. 223/19a in F: 2. Andante”. I also wouldn’t vote No to “Symphony in F, KV App 223/19a” though. They’re guidelines, not rules - if you think something doesn’t make sense or reads wrong, it’s not the end of the world to change it :slight_smile: