Classical: Front cover provides Release name: What is included in "front cover"?

Currently named (by me)
" Ysaÿe / Vivaldi / Bach / Wieniawski / Prokofiev / Sarasate "

Is this correct?
Or does the front cover include “Violin Pieces”?

Yes that teeenie little text stuff over on the top left of the CD image …

What is on the SPINE?

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Don’t know.
Image from ebay auction.

Also Classical Style Guidelines:


For releases of physical media, the Release Title will be sourced from the front cover.

I am not much of a classical expert, just liked the puzzle you set. In this case I’d expect the spine to show the same as the little text you are spotting in the tray. I’ve see albums titled like that as part of a re-issue series. It is clearly visible from the front of the closed CD box.

I would say that “Violin Pieces” is the title.

As someone who knows nothing on the subject, I’d assume that David Oistrakh is the artist and he was playing those named composers. I would not think the composers should be in the actual title.

Found on Amazon as David Oistrakh - Violin Pieces


I think you are right IF that little bit in the hinge is part of the front cover.
If it is then the Release has a title on the front cover and that blocks the application of:

A list of composers

In rare cases there are no credited works, only composers. Separate composers with a slash.

Combining the above with,

Release title

The Release title should not contain performers unless they are clearly part of the title as in “Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky.”,

leaves only Violin Pieces. Which would be fine if I was confident of what counts as front cover.

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It is clearly visible from the front. You could say they are so keen for that to be visible from the front it is in a position that it will be visible no matter if case is open or closed. :slight_smile:

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Even if it was on the spine, I’d still probably go with that if it makes sense. Remember, guidelines doesn’t mean rules, you’re still allowed to apply some common sense on top of them for special cases :slight_smile:


While it appears to be a bit of a sticky wicket, I would agree with your (@mmirG) supplying the CA which shows “Violin Pieces” from the front view. Common sense should rule in this case. It certainly will help others when searching. imho.

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I’m thinking that at some level of visibility/invisibility, pretty close to that used for “Violin pieces”, the clearly visible text would, applying common sense, be the better Release title.

Thanks. That is the coverart at the top of this thread.