Classic Chandos vs Chandos Classics

I’ve seen a number of releases added by @VonStupp that have a ‘Classic Chandos’ logo on their front cover. For example this release (see also the Chandos website page).

This appears to be thought of by Chandos themselves as the same label as ‘Chandos Classics’ because in their list of labels we can see ‘Classic Chandos’ listed but not ‘Chandos Classics’, and on this release page on their website they use both logos.

It doesn’t seem like ‘Classic Chandos’ is represented in MB currently. Would it be better added as a separate label – an imprint of Chandos Classics – or as an alias of the existing label?

Has the logo changed though? The imprint (release label) is supposed to show what the logo is if one is present. If so, it’s likely just a small name change. I’d maybe put in an edit to change the name with the evidence you’ve presented here and add the existing name as an alias. If the logo is the same, keep it the same and add the other name as an alias to this. It appears they are the same label though, so I wouldn’t add a new one. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a “credited as” for release labels.

Yes, the logo has changed significantly from Chandos Classics to Classic Chandos (see links for examples).

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Ok. Looking at their webpage you linked, I might go with a different label. Their list of labels no longer shows Chandos Classics, but their discography under Classic Chandos shows releases that clearly only have “Chandos” on the cover, but none have the Chandos Classics logo that I can find, even though they do have a “Chandos” label that is separate and has the same logo. It apparently even confuses them, lol. Out of abundance of caution, maybe just add the new imprint as a new label and put them all under the “Chandos” parent (which seems to be the case looking at their site).

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I think this option makes sense for now at least, too :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a new label for Classic Chandos and moved the releases with the ‘Classic Chandos’ logo to this new label. I’ve also used the ‘renamed from’ relationship.

Looking at the cover art for Chandos Classics and Classic Chandos releases, it actually looks like there have been three incarnations of what Chandos thinks of as essentially the same label:

  1. Up to 2006: the ‘Chandos Classics’ logo with ‘Classics’ underneath ‘Chandos’
  2. From 2007: ‘Classics’ in the top right corner without the Chandos name – at the moment these are still under the Chandos Classics label in MB
  3. After 2010: the new ‘Classic Chandos’ logo

These dates are from the releases that happen to be on MB so it’s hard to be precise.


Nice work! I’ve added some disambiguations to the two ‘Classics’ labels, feel free to change/remove.

If the logo changes also reflect a refresh of the output, e.g. new packaging designs or re-reissues of earlier releases, then I think it’s nice to have them separated out.

edit: and have added some of your info to the annotations

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