Clarification on Picard usage

So I had shelved MBP for the past year. now I have a little time. And many more files.
As it has been pointed out MB cannot handle huge volumes of files at a time.
So I am opting to do the processing in chunks. Each day an alphabet letter.
I Have on a 3 TB HDD we will call D:\unsorted_music I have a fresh 1TB Samsung EVO SSD called M:\MusicBrainz as the Move destination folder.
I manually moved all folders that didnt start with a letter to d:\unsorted_music\numbers
I started MBP and added the folder numbers folder. 5700ish songs later It saved 990 albums and moved 4700ish songs . I let the save process happen overnight.
This morning the application had no pending items and was using nearly zero CPU. When I moved the mouse to select anything the busy circle started and 20 minutes later it was still circling.
I chose to reboot.
I then went to open MBP and found it to be empty. I personally was expecting at east the listing of albums that it created to be there.

Is this not correct?

So I started my day by selecting the m:\musicBrainz folder and “re-adding” it. Strangely I have a bunch of unclustered songs there. I wouldn’t think this to be possible. Since the m:\musicbrainz folder was populated by MBP.

So The big question is… Do I have to do this EACH time I start the program?

The smaller question is Where do I get the legend for the different color Icons in the ablum side of the app. Like the green rectangle, The musical note?

No, Picard does not manage a database of your music library. It tags the files you give to it.

We should add this to the docs, but the following thread has a explanation of the icons:


Ticket PW-75 created. Also, great explanation in the thread you linked.