Chord positions?


I’m getting great value from the beat_positions element of the low-level data, but it would be even more useful if there was similar data showing the times that chords happen. The aggregation seems to be there in chords_histogram… is there any way to get back to the discrete time/measurements that created the histogram?


(ping @alastairp)

You might find some information about it on the Essentia project pages. As far as I remember from discussing with Alastair at the last summit, the chord_histogram algorithm was not very reliable (I don’t remember why, but I remember being confused by its output)

I think the only algo used by AcousticBrainz is Chord Detection and you would like Chord Detection Beats, so you might want to open a ticket to have it used in the next version.

But again, I don’t know much about this so you should ask Alastair directly :slight_smile:


Thanks – will do. I know there’s some sensitivity to describing musical content in enough detail to be considered a derivative work, so I’d be happy enough just knowing when chords change without knowing what each chord is.