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As I have always been using the MusicBrainz IRC chatlogs, found out one hint or two that I think is worthwhile to share (same for MetaBrainz chatlogs).

I didn’t find:

  • The BrainzBot chatlogs search syntax documentation :wink:
  • How to search for this OR that
  • How to search for NOT this (this AND NOT that)
  • How to match partial words or using regular expressions (a search that would match both jesus and jesus2099)

You must search full words

Some partial words are found but not all, it’s almost random, it’s not consistent.
ara finds Aragaenu but not Sarah. jesus does not find jesus2099.

You can search all logs to someone (what was sent to them)

Just search the nickname of that someone jesus2099.
I found no syntax to search jesus OR jesus2099.

You can search someone’s logs (what they said)

This is the main hint I have searched and found out.
Use the nick: syntax nick:jesus2099.

You can search this AND that

When something was said to jesus2099 (jesus2099 something) or when jesus2099 said something (nick:jesus2099 something), for instance.
Or when JASRAC and SACEM were both mentioned (jasrac sacem).


At, they had to deactivate the log search due to too much data made the server slow down.
We may have the same problem one day…
The search has always been slow, I guess this put strains on our server too…

I think I found where they manage their search code:

There is no other hint than what I already found, nick:<word> and any number of other words.
All searches show results that match all terms (AND), not just any terms (OR).

Also, their development seems to have been stopped.

The next mystery is this kudos page…