Charts - All Time - Artist Count, Only Three Digits?

In June my All Time Artist Count was 5801 but now it is 999. Checking some other users they all have a 999 Artist Count for All time.
Other periods like This Week and so on where the artist count is below 1000 the numbers seem to be correct.


Hi! Thanks for the report. We recently started limiting the top stats to Top 1000 so likely that’s why the artist count is wrong. We should probably hide the artist count here or display it as 1000+.

Thank You for the quick reply!
On the Listens page the total number of spins is displayed. Wouldn’t it be possible to add the overall artist count there? Then on the Charts page this detail could be hidden.

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Overall artist count, sounds like a good thing to add. We can probably add total recordings and total releases count while at it. However, we are currently redesigning the LB UI so I am not sure what would be the right place to display it. I have opened a ticket for it ([LB-1123] Show total artist, recording, release count - MetaBrainz JIRA) to discuss it with others.

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:grinning: There is nothing constant but the change! Thank you for the ticket! I wouldn’t have known where to open it and how.

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