Character '»' at the server will be changed to ">>" in tags?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f2a00398e48> #<Tag:0x00007f2a00398c68>


Hey there,

short question:
Why will characters like », « be saved in the file as >> and << ? I have ID3 v2.3 with UTF-8 selected in the preferences.
I can understand if it happens in the filenames because of (Windows) compatibility, but it makes no sense to be done in the tags, right?

For example it appears when tagging this release:

Anybody got an answer? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance! Have a nice day.


These are Unicode characters. Do you have “Convert Unicode punctuation characters to ASCII” in Options/Metadata checked?


A right, thanks! The exact conversation for this characters has changed, some time ago it was replaced with " (double quotation). That was a better solution i think, don’t want to make efforts to change it back now :wink: