Changing AcoustIDs

I’ve been re-scanning my collection and noticed that the AcoustIDs of some (very few) tracks have changed. Sometimes the new AcoustIDs are already linked to the same recording, other times they don’t seem to be linked to any recordings.

I’m pretty sure the files are not damaged, since they’re FLACs and test correctly.

Here is an example:
Recording: Prelude and Fugue no. 3 in C-sharp major, BWV 848: I. Praeludium by Glenn Gould
Old AcoustID: e6e8a741-7ce7-45ce-aadb-fe4bbd1ae247
New AcoustID: e2f08a6f-e718-41a1-ae53-2995f2a18f33

Has anyone else come across this?

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Both AcoustIDs are valid. Formerly AcoustID takes only the first minute to culculate a fingerprint. Nowerdays it takes 2 Minutes. You can see the difference if you compare fingerprints directly.


That is interesting, but I have also seen this with tracks shorter than a minute. In fact, it seems to happen more frequently with short tracks of only several seconds.

Here is one with 36 seconds:
Old AcoustID: 057b3aa3-99ac-4f8d-bb83-7df1f632c7c4
New AcoustID: 360caad6-a688-4969-a10d-8b3694367771

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As I know, fingerprinting isn’t working very good on short recordings (don’t know exactly in seconds). But these two are looking good. Unlinked the others (times doesn’t match).

Contact the developer for more information (

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