Change "Анна Юрьевна Нетребко" to "Anna Netrebko"?

For artist

the full Cyrillic name is used.
IMHO it would be better to use her common Latin name and not use the patronym (fathers name).

It’s clear that “Анна Юрьевна Нетребко” is her full legal name in Cyrillic script.
All over the world (outside Russia) she is just known as “Anna Netrebko”.
Since she is also Austrian, she might also have a legal Latin name (whatever with or without patronym).

Based on the SG the “official name … In most cases, it is the name as found on releases.” should be used.
“Official name” is not mandatory the legal name.

On her Website (even in Russian language) she is not using the patronym. It’s the same on the site of Mariinsky theatre, where she is still member of the ensemble.

She lives mainly outside Russia (primarily in New York, I think, but also in Austria).

All her discography just uses “Anna Netrebko”.

We could find a lot of reasons, why just “Anna Netrebko” might be the better name. I find less reasons to use the Cyrillic style and the patronym.


Her official homepage in Russian shows Анна Нетребко. I would use that, no?


As a native Russian speaker I agree with @jesus2009. Although using patronymic was common in the past (a sign of respect and politeness), in modern Russian it’s usage is reduced, and many artists prefer to use the short form of name as Anna Netrebko obviously does.

The question whether Latin or Cyrillic shall be used is very fuzzy, there appears to be no single rule, neither on MusicBrainz nor anywhere else. For example, name of George Frideric Handel is written in MusicBrainz using English spelling instead of his native German (“Georg Friedrich Händel”) because he naturalized in UK. On the other hand, MusicBrainz continues to use the old French name of Gérard Depardieu instead of his new legal name Жерар Депардьё, despite him being a naturalized Russian and changed his name in 2013 to evade high French taxes (érard_Depardieu) :slight_smile:


Well, for George Frideric Handel it’s hard to say, since it is long time ago. I’m not sure if he was more German or British. I think it depends on time.
For Depardieu it might be okay, since I don’t know works from him with a different name (but I don’t know his recent works, if there are any).

I think the meaning of the SG is also not to focus on the legal name but more on the name, the actor uses (in case of MusicBrainz primarily on music releases). Of course, other official sources from the artist should be considered, e.g. web site, social media account and other relevant/official media.

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This is at least a strong indication not to use the patronym.

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Agree with dropping the patronym. Honestly, most Russian artists seem to not use it anyway.

If no better information is available, as a rule of thumb I would use a patronym for artists who were mostly active before 1970, and not use it otherwise. For example, use it for Tchaikovsky or Prokofiev, but not for Shevchuk or Sukachov.
Of course it is better to check how the artist is mostly referenced on releases. For example, I have never heard Sviatoslav Richter to be referenced with his patronym “Teofilovich”.

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“Anna Netrebko”, with Rolando Villazón and Thomas Hampson, sing currently wonderful in my living room (TV, the 2005 Traviata from Salzburg).