Change title song on multiple selects BUT only add new words

I need to change multiple song titles (or artists) because many game OSTs I find (usually old ones) have their track list as track1, track2 or stage1, stage2. I run an azuracast radio and people only see artist+track1(or stage1) as the song currently playing. I usually add the videogame name on the song title so it is not only “track1”. I photoshoped what I think could help me using MBP

That’s generally a good idea. But I think if we do this it should not be squeezed into the metadata grid. But I can imagine a new multi-edit dialog similar to how the GNOME file manager does it:

That’s a pretty nice interface. The “Add” (“Hinzufügen”, sorry for the German screenshot) button allows to add some placeholder. We could do this as well, actually we could support full scripting in this naming template.

Could you add a ticket to ? Thanks

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