Change scheme if the album matches only one track

Normal process if more than 1 track matched for this Album/EP/Single/Compilation, e.g

/[Various Artists]/[year] Album/Disc-Track. Title [Artist feat.]

But if i have just 1 track in the album it uses a different scheme:

/Artist/Disc-Track. Title feat. [album]

To be clear this isn’t about how many tracks the release has, but how many tracks in this release do i have files for, not sure if MBZ can even do that ahah

Out of the box, the only thing that I can think of that comes close is the $is_complete() function but that will only tell you if every track on an album has been matched.


I feel like $matchedtracks(1) should do the trick but i can’t formulate in the language :frowning:

If you want to trigger an action if only a single track was matched then you would do something like:

$if($eq($matchedtracks(),1),$noop(your action here))

Note that this will also trigger if the release is a single, and that one track was matched.


If it should only happen for albums with missing files it could be combined with $is_complete():

$if($and($eq($matchedtracks(),1),$not($is_complete())),$noop(your action here))