Change release data quality to low -> need votes

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When adding new releases or checking changes for my collection I often stumble over releases in the same release group with wrong added cover art, wrong catalog numbers, mismatching links (as proof in edit history) etc. Sometimes I correct, merge, do the necessary but sometimes I don’t have the time to correct or can’t even find proof for a decision/correction. This would be a nice case to change those releases data quality to low, I thought. Then it’d be easier for editors to keep track of those or animate subscribers to take a nearer look.

Badly my first attempt seems not to succeed:

Is my attempt correct or do we have another workflow (Collection/wiki/Documentation) for such cases?

Looks like your edit to low quality is fine, you just didn’t explain the edit well enough for another editor to understand exactly what you meant, if I’m reading the edit ( correctly? I’m sure they will either fix the release or change their vote.

I personally rarely look at data quality markers, but it’s better than nothing :slight_smile: