Change password on MetaBrainz Tickets


I have an old login from the (or or site. The login still works on . However, I cannot change the password or associated email address for this login.

Is there a way to change this?


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I see we can now log in through MusicBrainz!
Maybe the old password system should be removed, so that we could now only log in through MusicBrainz?

Then old site usernames should be linked to MB users.


Indeed, that was disabled by the new add-on for signing in with either MusicBrainz or GitHub. I turned it back on. You should be able to change your password again.


It cannot be removed for now because people are not necessarily using the same email for MusicBrainz and Tickets. Plus, it allows signing in with GitHub to ease reporting issues from GitHub repositories.

Unifying user management for all MetaBrainz projects is longer term plan.


Thanks, I’ve changed my password.

Is there no option to change email address as well? I couldn’t find it on .

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Click on the pen icon :pen: “Edit Profile” at the right of the “Details” section to open the editing dialog.


Thanks. Not sure how I missed that…

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It’s absolutely not surprising that you missed it as it is very well hidden.
I also strive whenever I want to edit my profile, it’s a challenge.

Atlassian (tickets is Atlassian Jira) are very good at making simple things complex, strange, hidden or simply missing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: