Change cover art position

I have an issue where Picard sets the front cover position randomly. What i want is the front cover set in position nr. 1. This is how it looks like in mp3tag:

As you can see. One of two medium covers are set in position 1. The rest are back cover, medium and lastly the front cover in 4/4.

I was hoping to make a script that sets front as nr.1.
I checked the script documentation and could not find any info about cover tags.
Is this posible at all in Picard?

It’s not possible to change the order of the images in the file. But we pretty much would like to have the front cover always be the first image by default.

Currently this does not work because mutagen, the library Picard uses to access the file tags, always orders all the tags by data size, with smallest size first, to work around some issues with tag reading in some software. That means embedded images usually end up last, with smallest image first.

Please see the following tickets for details: