Certificate problem with community.metabrainz.org on 26 June?

Firefox and Chrome declined to let me connect to community.metabrainz.org for a few hours on Friday afternoon (26. June 2020, about 12:00-14:40h PDT UTC-7:00). The error message said that the obstacle was a combination of an HTTPS certificate which did not have a trusted issuer, and a setting on the community.metabrainz.org website which required a high level of trust, including a certificate with a trusted issuer.

It looks like the problem is resolved. That is great news. But I am curious: what was the cause of the obstacle? And what is the correct description of the obstacle (because I’m pretty sure I’m getting the terminology and details wrong).

Thank you to the system administrators who keep the complex machinery of this community running. I appreciate it!

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from IRC…

< zas > forums are back, an upgrade badly failed, leading to unavailable service for 2 hours, sorry for the inconvenience