Centralised MusicBrainz Userscripts Repository

If you still have it installed from the old URL it should auto-update to v0.6. Now it’ll display the date in UTC like the other import scripts.
When I adapted the script I failed to notice it was converting to local timezone all along. v.0.6 was only briefly available back then.

The original version however will keep using local timezone unless you add timeZone: 'UTC' to the parameters.

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What is the old URL? That’s what I was looking for and couldn’t find :smiley:
(my version doesn’t have an update URL)

edit: I was in a hurry so I forgot to also say - thank you @cigazze! Incredibly useful little script!


I have updated the centralised MB Userscripts wiki page: Guides/Userscripts - MusicBrainz Wiki
Added a couple of scripts, general tidying.

@CatQuest, maybe add a link to it in the original post here, at the top, now that it exists?


Of course! I originally made it for adding stuff to RateYourMusic but I’m glad it’s finding use elsewhere too (and getting updates from others!)


I’d love to, but given discourse’s unique… “logic”
I can’t edit this post any longer (I assume because I made it years ago)

I guess it’s the same as the “logic” where you can’t “un-like” something you’ve liked if too much time has passed since you did it :​/


I’ve added a ‘stylus theme’ section to the userscripts repository (I think it fits in with the theme of the page).

It currently just contains @Beckfield’s dark theme (forum thread) and another dark one I found online, and tested briefly.

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The link to ROpdebee’s “Paste multiple external links at once” script is currently dead. Here’s an updated link.

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Thanks, I’ve fixed it, and added @jesus2099’s ‘Print All Pages’ script which was missing.

Here’s a userscript from ToadKing that uses API access to Apple Music to provide barcodes, ISRCs, and other metadata from Apple Music releases. Ever since ToadKing updated the script to automatically search for the correct Apple Music API token, I’ve had no problems with the script working and it has become very useful since Apple cut off the iTunes API, preventing it from working fully with a-tisket.


Thanks, I added it under ‘Userscripts: Other’.

I don’t mind adding these, but you can always edit the wiki yourself if you feel like making a change.

When I try to make an account to edit the wiki a popup opens asking me to sign in after about 5 seconds and doesn’t allow me to finish filling out the form. If I’m fast I can enter all of the information before the popup appears but when I hit submit it brings me to a blank error page.

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It is normal, it is an anti-spam wall.
Is there a text in the popup telling you what to type?
If not, what is your browser?

I get the popup without instructions as well… you just have to type NOTSPAM into both fields.

Not ideal, if you don’t know about it :pensive:

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I’m using Brave and for me, it says nothing about it being anti-spam it just says “Sign in”.

Testing on two different types of Firefox (Tor and standard Firefox) shows a slightly different message saying “This site is asking you to sign in.”

After following aerozol’s suggestion to type NOTSPAM into both of the fields, I was able to create an account and sign in.


Thanks @Mr.man1093, it seems there is a possible improvement, as we can see the Create Account page in the background.
It could contain the instructions:


I added two of atj’s userscripts to the Userscripts: Other section and made a few minor changes.

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“Adds an “import ISRCs” link on MusicBrainz releases which have a Spotify URL.”



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that one on releases that were either submitted manually or were done through a-tisket but never had ISRCs submitted.

I added a new section to the userscript wiki page/repository: Writing userscripts

It just has @kellnerd’s userscript-bundler linked there right now, but if anyone can flesh it out a little bit (is there an actual guide anywhere?) then please do!

Added @RandomMushroom128’s new ‘Add release(group) links from level above’ script to the repository.

Script thread: