CD Ripping

Hi there,
Can I rip my old cd’s using Picard? or is there a software made by metabrainz for ripping cd’s ? (on Linux)

Thank you

Not to my knowledge, but there’s whipper, which I believe @Freso contributes to.

I personally use fre:ac as it has support for AccurateRip, is packaged for most systems, and is available as a Flatpak.


Although not exactly for your situation, for any Windows users who end up here - Exact Audio Copy now has Metabrainz lookup functionality.


I found whipper in the repo, I’m gonna try with that before I resort to something outside de distro, freac is interesting as well.

I need wine to run EAC, so it’s plausible.

Last time I ripped my cd’s I was a silly teenager using musicmatch, It’s. Been. A. While.


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I’ve been using Asunder on linux for years. May not have all the features of fre:ac, but it works well, and is simple to use.