"Catch-all for unknown arrangements", how does it work?

good afternoon~

I’ve started to dive into my parent’s classical music collection, and I wanted to be sure I understand how classical music works work.

if I’m not sure which arrangement/orchestration a recording is of, it’s safe to relate it to a catch-all work, that much I’ve figured out. however, if one doesn’t already exist, should I create one, or just relate it to the main work?

and if I do create one, I should relate it to the original work and don’t add any attributes (key, ASCAP IDs, etc.) to the catch-all, I assume?

for example, I found catch-all works for some of the tracks on the first classical music release I’ve added, but not all have arrangement works:

(also, if y’all have input on this release, that’s welcome too~)

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