Catalog numbers on Digital releases


Most digital releases don’t have catalog #'s or more specifically they don’t display catalog #'s, are these the same as digital releases from a site the does show cat#'s? I think they are but would like feedback.

Here’s a specific example:

one has a cat#: HVALUR22 - from
other has cat#: IMUTE525 - from

One release also has a bandcamp link attached, the other one has an itunes link attached, neither bandcamp or itunes have cat#

currently we have the 2 digital releases in the db, i think there should just be 1, but for anyone arguing that different cat#'s are different releases (which i would agree for physical but doesn’t make sense for digital) there should be 3 releases then (one for the itunes/bandcamp without the cat#)


In this case, one has what I expect is a Bedroom Community catno (HVALUR22) while the other has a Mute one, but as says, this is a “Bedroom Community // Mute” release. I don’t see any reason not to merge this specific one.

In some cases, a label will give different catalog numbers to different digital versions (for example a different catalog number for a FLAC and an MP3 release). In that case, I would leave them separated.


If I could find any meaningful difference I would have said no, but these do look the same, perhaps limited by digital stores only letting you put one label/cat no :slight_smile: