Catalog Numbers for Releases from multiple labels

When an album is released by multiple labels, like this one for example:

but is only given a catalog number from one of the labels, should that catalog number be used for other labels on that release?
This is the edit that made me ask this question, and I noticed that several other releases on Materia Collective also use catalog numbers that seem to be from other labels: 8BIT-8068 TNYWVS-017 MPCH-003 GLARK-0001

Is there any consensus that this is the right way to enter them or should they be changed?

The better question is why is Materia Collective credited? I don’t see them mentioned on Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND | AYAKI | Dale North

From what I can find, Materia Collective is involved with the physical release, which your linked MB Release is not, and therefore Materia Collective shouldn’t be there at all IMO. (Removed.)