Capitalize Artist Word

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Hi.What code I put to show me the song like this: ABBA - Dancing Queen ?
Thank you

I assume, you use Picard?
Then you can use the built-in command


Returns text in upper case.

For your artist in uppercase, it would be

 $upper(%artist%) - %title%

Put that in Picard under Options -> Options -> Scripting

If you want to rename your file names with uppercase artist, you put this command under Options -> Options -> File Naming

Only for the artist ABBA uppercase, or for all?

hi.Yes I use Picard, and yes only the artist to be uppercase and also first letter of every words .
Example: ABBA - Dancing Queen (Star Desire Remix).
%artist%/%date%/%album%/$upper(%artist%) - %title% I put under the file naming.