Capitalization rules for Ukrainian language

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I would like to ask what are the correct capitalization rules for titles in Ukrainian language? There’s no separate set of rules for Ukrainian here:

I assume it could be similar to Russian language (so that sentence case should be used in a majority of cases), but maybe we have some Ukrainian people here who could clarify what the rules should be?

Should the titles be changed to sentence case on this release, or is current capitalization correct?

There is a little coverage of Uk title capitalisation at,%2C%20Вам%2C%20etc.).


Thank you @mmirG :slight_smile:

Capitalisation rules are similar to those in English – at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. Generally speaking, only the first word of a heading or title is capitalised. Bullet points can be capitalised or not, depending on the text. The second person singular should be capitalised when used as a polite form of address (Ви, Вас, Вам, etc.). However, other polite forms such as дoктop, its abbreviated form д-p (Doctor, Dr.), пaннa, пaнi (Miss, Mrs), пaн (Mister) etc. are not capitalised. Neither are the names of months and days of the week.

So it appears similar to rules for Russian and other Slavic languages.

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