Capitalization of "Of" at the End of a Title

The title that brings me here today is Roulette Dares (The Haunt of).

Should “of” really be lowercase as it currently is? I think it should be “Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)” because “of” is at the end of the title. It seems that others have been convinced otherwise: Edit #68408978 / Edit #56018729 / Edit #42306390

I think this would be the same as if an album was called The Best Of. If I understand English title capitalization rules correctly, it’d be wrong to enter it as The Best of because the last word in a title should always be capitalized, even if it were The Best Of… Of course, the following would be correct: The Best of Band A or The (Best of) Band A.

Thanks in advance for your input, fellow style/grammar nerds.


looks like on the CD case it’s all lowercase so that doesn’t help much…

Note that the “guess case” button uncapitalises it, which might be where some of the confusion is coming from.

Following the English Style guidelines, I would say the “of” should be capitalized.

(1) Always capitalize the first and last word of a title. This rule should be followed even if the words would normally be lowercase according to the other rules. If a title is broken up by major punctuation (colon according to subtitle style, question mark, exclamation mark, em-dash, parentheses, or quotes), capitalize each distinct piece of the title as if it were a distinct title. Therefore, for example, always capitalize the first and last words of each section.


As you mentioned, it has been changed back and forth a few times. I suggest, if you make the edit, make sure to explain in your edit note that you’re following the guidelines, and link to the style guideline page.

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I think @reosarevok is rewriting the Guess Case function. He may be able to catch the “last word capitalised” guideline in his improvements.


Your other edit, changing “Tírame” to “tira me,” is causing some doubt for me. This is another edit that has been reversed a couple of times in the Edit History. In Edit #40341466, the editor says that “Tírame” is correct. I’m no expert on the language, but I think that’s true. The Style Guideline says we should correct such errors, even if the release printing is wrong, unless we have strong evidence that the error is artistic intent.

I think I would leave the track/recording title as “Tírame a las arañas,” and add “Tire me a las arañas” as an alias.



Yes, Tírame is the correct word in Spanish. It is misspelled as “Tira me” on all releases, but I forgot about our error correction style guideline. I doubt it’s any sort of artistic intent, so I agree with your suggestion. Thanks for your input on that!