Capitalization of English names for unofficial Series

There are a lot of fan-curated Series in MusicBrainz, with varying degrees of a serial, numbered nature and varying degrees of strength of a common theme. These series usually have unofficial, fan-made English names.

For example, Final Fantasy anime/movie soundtracks may not share a strong common theme, and there is no serial/numbering property possible, but as an English title, “Final Fantasy” is capitalized as a title, and “soundtracks” is lowercase because it’s not a title. Is this a correct application of English style?

It was interpreted differently in Edit #96424142 which I believe should go back in Edit #98489069.

I would say ‘soundtracks’ becomes part of a title if used in a series title like: “Final Fantasy Soundtracks”

I’m not a grammar expert, but that’s my feeling.

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Why wouldn’t they be capitalized like the names of Reports, in your opinion?

A lot of those report titles are sentences.

Title case:
Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Sentence case:
All of the Final Fantasy soundtracks

Sorry, but I’m not sure I’m following this. None of the reports are named like “All of the…”

If you drop “All of the” off the names, what is the different between “Final Fantasy … Soundtracks” and “Final Fantasy … soundtracks”?

It doesn’t need ‘all of’ in there to become a sentence. If the reports had a title, instead of just a descriptive line:

Multiple Artist Releases
Releases which might need converting to “multiple artists”

Then I would consider the top part a title, the second a sentence (…because it is a sentence)

Maybe someone else can explain better :thinking:

Edit: maybe it’s more helpful to say that since it’s in the ‘title’ field pretty much everything you put in there should probably be title case, even if it was a sentence? Others should weigh in on that one…