Capitalization Dutch / English and error correction

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding a song title. It’s a song by Normaal called ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawai tattoo’’

‘’Ik mos pissen’’ is a Dutch song title but ‘’Hawai tattoo’’ is a cover of an English song and thus an English title. Do I capitalize the title like this then: ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawai Tattoo’’?

Also the original song is called ‘’Hawaii Tattoo’’ with two i’s, and on other releases from Normaal (the artists of the song) it’s also spelled with two i’s.

So can I assume that it’s a typo and it needs to be fixed to ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawaii Tattoo’’?

So my guesses are:

  • ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawai Tatoo’’
  • ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawaii Tattoo’’

Or just keep it all in the Dutch capitalization rules like”:

  • ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawai tatoo’’
  • ‘’Ik mos pissen / Hawaii tattoo’’

Hope someone can help me out with this one!


This seems like the correct choice to me. If these were separate tracks, we would definitely apply the language-specific capitalization for each too.