Capitalisation of "from" in "Come from Away"?

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I know someone has already added this as a release, however I’m confused as to whether the “from” ought to be capitalised or not. Researching online I’ve found an almost even split on places putting it in lowercase “from” or title case “From”.

Wikipedia (not always the best authority, I know) lists it as the former (and the database even links to it), but other places list it as “From”.

Any thoughts?

When it’s part of the main title, it’s capitalized. When it’s part of ETI, it’s not. So, this should be capitalized.

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Does this just concern “from” specifically?

It concerns each word that is not listed as an exception in


I think what throws me off is I mentally group “from” with words like “and, but, or, nor”, when perhaps I shouldn’t, that and its capitalisation varying in so many other places, and I know there are exceptions to the rules e.g. Plug In Baby.

I’m not a language expert so some aspects confuse me a little, sorry.

Yes, it’s usually entered as “From”. An exception can be in titles like