Cap on bookmarks?

I’ve bookmarked 20 discussion threads. Last night and this morning, in attempting to bookmark additional threads, I’m getting a 429 response. I have no idea whether the 2 are related. Are others able to bookmark right now?

I have just bookmarked your post successfully but maybe I do not have as many bookmarks as you.

I can once again bookmark … not sure what the issue was. Thanks to @jesus2099 for the impromptu test.

Well, back to 429. There must be some overly conservative rate limiting? I wonder if that’s configurable by the site admins.

It seems to be because of some rate limiting.
Maybe you share the same IP than many people (behind a company access point) or something.
You should have just wait a few mutes and try again, perhaps?

It seems that there is a template to edit for the max limit (see other 429 search results at Discourse) but maybe we should not open a breach for only one reported problem?

nope, just me at home

seems much longer than a few minutes

fair enough - it’s annoying, but i doubt many other users are gonna read through the entire forum history like I’ve been doing. if it’s a choice between you guys looking into this and looking into the unrelated but much more significant question i’m getting ready to ask, i choose the latter!

I don’t know where the MetaBrainz Discourse settings are stored but the default values seem to be:

I am not tech savy enough to advise any better values but it seems that the limit you broke would only hold effect for 1 minute… Except if you were added to some automatic blacklist system?

Just because it’s your home connection doesn’t mean your IP isn’t shared. Due to the increasing scarcity of IPv4 addresses, some ISPs are putting multiple customers behind shared IPs to reduce the number of addresses they need to provide. (I’ve been subject to this in a previous connection and was going to be subject to it in my coming connection.)

(Everyone should write their ISP frequently and ask about how far their IPv6 is…)


Fair point, but even if that’s the case, what are the odds that more than one of us sharing this IP were all on the musicbrainz community site at the same time? Maybe it’s a more popular site than I’m presuming.

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