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Get “could not load album …” on all albums if using in options since a few days.

Downloaded versions 1.4.0dev5 (win_20160303110144) but no luck.

Any hints?


What does Picard’s error log show?


This is definitely not as it is meant to be and should be resolved :slight_smile: Still is there any specific reason you are using the beta server with Picard? Functionality wise there should be no difference for Picard ( same data).


@Bitmap or @Zas, is beta.mb blocking Picard? Or can you think of something else? If not, I guess we’ll have to wait for them to produce logs.


@ chirlu

Error log:
E: 08:49:00 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "picard\album.pyo", line 184, in _release_request_finished
  File "picard\album.pyo", line 144, in _parse_release
  File "picard\webservice.pyo", line 98, in __getattr__
AttributeError: collection

If you need a debug log, please let me know.


Used beta in browser and in Picard to use the same. The same data, but in my experience much faster.


Looks like an issue with one of your collections perhaps? Does it work if you use non-beta?

(Oh, and I took the liberty of fixing the formatting of the pasted error.)


Looks like collection data is not included. I can’t look into this in more detail right now, but could be a bug in the beta code.

OK, thanks. I just wanted to make sure there was no misconception of beta being more up-to-date or something. But please continue using beta, we need to catch issues like this one before they hit the live server :slightly_smiling:


Non-beta is working right.


I can confirm this, it is a change in how the web service handles results if you don’t have a release in any collection. I have filed the bug MBS-8845 for the server and also PICARD-798 to deal with this inside Picard. Thanks for catching this :slight_smile:


This is now fixed on beta, thanks for the report.


i was having ‘could not load album’ on most albums using (saved and dropped them in again over and over)… i just changed it to and every album loaded fine.



@offhook That’s due to the load issues MusicBrainz currently has and unrelated to the issue in this thread.