Can't tell if it's my incompetence or the code

Version 2.85 via Fedora (Linux) RPMs

I ordinarily don’t like to file bug reports until I am sure that it’s a bug. I believe that the UI of the Linux version is slightly different from the Windows varietal. I am not using classical extras.

  1. Classical album ripped to flac via k3b.
  2. ID3v2 tags cleaned up and edited where required. Replay gain added via metaflac. Label tag added.
  3. Album, Album Artist, Label and Genre are common tags; identical across the track list. There is zero variance.
  4. Picard: Add Folder - Tracks are added as unclustered
  5. Picard: Cluster - Tracks are clustered under the Album tag.

Here’s the problem and I have run into it several times:

Some tracks scan to the correct album. The remaining tracks scan to additional albums. When I look at the correct album, the tracks that are not included (shown with a note symbol) are identically named - title and track - to the files included in the clustered directory. Yet those tracks are now in one or several other albums with different track numbers.

  1. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Is there a way to fix this once it occurs?
  3. Alternatively, should I file a bug report?

Thank you.

IMO scanning is not normally the way to go. Have you tried…

  1. Rip to flac.
  2. Load to Picard
  3. Cluster
  4. Lookup

As hinted above, this seems like expected behaviour when using scan, which does not respect clusters. It’s most likely matching to different versions of the same album, so the tracklist will be the same between them.

Don’t worry, a lot of users run into this problem, scan vs lookup isn’t well explained.

On the topic of ‘versions’, don’t forget to right click on complete and matched albums to check if it’s the version you want.

I had this happen too, the way (i think) it works is, when you use lookup, it uses the tags, when you use ‘scan’, it uses the audio fingerprint and not the tags.

I wouldn’t call that a bug, although it might be made clearer to the user maybe.

So lookup is the way to go, and only use ‘scan’ if it can’t find anything to see if it suggests anything that could be what you are looking for but maybe differently worded title.

In fact I use lookup, and if it doesn’t find it, I use lookup in browser, and in the browser you can look further and if you find a match, you can use the green label ‘tagger’ to open your choice in the right column in picard where you then can manually drag your tracks.

So my sequence is:

  1. cluster
  2. lookup
  3. lookup in browser (cluster first, or else track)
  4. scan