Can't sign up with Bookbrainz

I have been trying to sign up for a few minutes but I can’t seem to do it. I’m at the page where I can choose my display name and gender, but the “Looks good, sign me up” button won’t respond. I just click it and nothing happens. I have tried disabling ad blocking extensions and even used two different browsers but the problem still persists. Anyone know what I should do?

Hi @zemeles !
That sure looks like a bug, let me look into it.

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What is your BookBrainz username you were trying to create?

Actually, the problem was I hadn’t chose a gender from the dropdown list. It apparently was obligatory to choose one, even though the text on the username selection screen said I didn’t have to set one.


Well spotted, thank you !
I’ve opened a PR to resolve that issue fix: optional gender in registration form by MonkeyDo · Pull Request #1014 · metabrainz/bookbrainz-site · GitHub