Can't save an album

I added a release to the Musicbrainz database but when I try to save it in Picard it stays in the middle column. The data in the two lower colums matches (natch since I added the release!) but there aren’t any Musicbrainz ID numbers. Scan and Lookup don’t do anything and when I use Search in Browser it goes to the general page of the artist. I can then scroll down to the release in the list. I’m in Linux so can’t use Tagger. How do I get the release to match up with Musicbrainz? This is the release, by the way:

Have you tried putting either or just fbd4aa16-c765-4b44-8aaa-d58aeab24f5d
straight into Picard?

(I can’t remember where or how. Just that it can be done - I think.)

Thanks for the suggestion. I would never have thought of doing that! I dragged the full address onto the folder of the release and it moved over into the right column but now I’m stuck on the musical notes. I can’t get the little rectangles to show up.

Drag the clustered songs in the middle pane onto the album in the left pane.

If you mean to drag it onto the album in my library folder, it won’t let me.

What I was doing was pressing “Lookup” while the album was highlighted. I tried pressing “Lookup” again, this time with only one track highlighted. This worked so I did it for each track. All have now moved to the third column and are saved! Thank you for your suggestions.

Sorry, I meant drag to the right pane, not left.

Welcome debdrex!
You might be doing this all already but here’s the basics just in case.

  1. drag your album/folder into Picard (tracks will appear on the left side, eg the unmatched side)
  2. hit ‘cluster’ (this will move them into groups based on existing album tags)
  3. select a cluster/s on the left and hit lookup (searches MB for a matching album based on existing tags).

Hopefully now you can hit save and you are done! Otherwise:

3.b if lookup doesn’t find anything, hit scan (scan ignores existing tags and searches the database for a matching audio pattern to the track. it can throw up more compilations etc but is still useful)
3.c if neither find your album, you may have to add it to the database. new releases take an hour or two before they will be found by lookup. if you don’t want to wait you can use the ‘lookup in browser’ button or paste the release url into the search bar at the top right to add the release right away

  1. once an album is on the right side of picard you can drag your tracks or clusters from the left onto the album to match them. You can also drag tracks back to the left or into different positions.

Okay, I think that about covers it. Have fun :wink:

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Thanks, aerozol! This is very helpful.