Can't save after looking up in browser



Hello everyone, I think the screenshot illustrates my problem quite well. After not managing to automatically match some albums, I looked them up in the browser, found the appropriate release, tagged it using the green “tagger” button, but then, now that I want to save, I can’t. (as you can see the save button is in grey/faded off)

What should I do to solve this?

Thank you for your help


Higher quality help will arrive soon.
In the meantime: That selected album Irritant is also grayed out and 0/10 is indicating that none of the ten tracks in it have been matched to an audio file.
Once you have audio files matched to tracks it will change colour.
I suspect that you have not dragged the matching group of audio files into that album.

Is the following of assistance?

Picard, like so many things, is easy once you know how to use it.
Till then - hmmmm.


Actually it is not grayed out, it’s just because it’s selected.


But, how do I check if the audio files are matched to the tracks? I barely know how to use it to be honest. It seems like a very promising software but also not very intuitive. Are there any other links to read more?

Thank you for your help

EDIT: I just got it, I just have to drag the track on the tag! Fantastic, I didn’t understand that. Thank you for your help, I thought 0/10 meant 0/10 were saved.It isn’t enough to just press tagger, I have to drag the album from the left to the right as well! I didn’t understand that.


If you’re going to be matching a lot of files, you might find it helpful to use either “Lookup” or “Scan” rather than going out to find every album yourself. The first works best if the files already have mostly-accurate track/album titles, artists, or similar data, and gives even better results if you “Cluster” your files into rough album groups first. The second doesn’t need any data already on the file, but will often choose tracks from compilation albums or split one album into five. They’re both different ways to get Picard to look for the track and move the files from the left to the right itself, though you’re going to want to double-check its work to be sure it has the correct release after doing so.