Can't get program to save after CLUSTER and LOOKUP


I have a huge collection of loose .mp3s, Flacs, .Wav and some .Wma files. Mostly it’s mp3’s though.

I target a FOLDER then it LOADS into UNMATCHED files. After that, It hit CLUSTER. When that loads, I hit LOOKUP. Once that is done I select ALL the files on the right-hand side and select SAVE in the menu.

But, when I go back to the target folder and inspect…expecting to see all my loose music files neatly organized into FOLDERS based on the naming script there are no folders, just loose music files.

What am I doing wrong?


In Options, do you have Rename files and Move files selected?


Yes, I have rename, move and SAVE all checked


After saving, does it show green checkmark icons for the files or a red error icon? Is there any output in Help > Show debug/error log


I selected all the files on the right and just hit save. I didn’t even look to notice any of the particular checkmarks. Now I’m getting a (Not responsive error) as the program has now sank into a huge CRASH - and all that time wasted uploading the files;(.


I’m finding that I have some tracks under UNMATCHED that refuse to generate an ALBUM on the right side for me to drag the file to. Make sense? I’d love to drag it over but there is NO ALBUM to drag it to. And this is after I hit CLUSTER and LOOKUP and SCAN.


Be patient, don’t force close Picard too early, I don’t think it crashes. Picard sometimes can be a bit unresponsive while saving. Do you save to a network share or other slow storage?


Have a look at