Can't get performer tags for any album

New user here. After testing with many albums, Picard does not get info for the field performer. I have checked in options both use release and use tracks relationships. My library consists mostly of FLAC files, but with MP3 it’s the same. I have also checked in the debug log that the program is not retrieving any performer info. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Can you click Lookup in browser for some of your matched releases (those in the right column) and see if these releases have any performer relationships there? If the website shows none, nobody has entered those into the DB yet.

Yes, that was my first suspicion, but I checked really popular albums and the performers were in the database. It’s just that the program is not getting that info (see picture)

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Ok, Back in Black has indeed perfomer relationships :wink:
From your screenshot I can see that you’re using plugins and taggerscripts, maybe you or the plugins have accidentally overwritten the performer’s tag somehow? If you can’t find something suspicious yourself, you might want to post your taggerscript(s) and a list of enabled plugins here.

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You were right! It’s the “Keep” plugin that removes performer tags even though I have selected “performer” as a field to keep. What should I write there to keep every performer tag? I want to remove some other tags.

Personally I don’t use this plugin, but the performer tag is a special case as it has variants of the form performer:instrument where instrument can be every instrument or vocal type. I tried $keep(performer:) instead of $keep(performer), but it did not help.
Unfortunately it seems you can’t use $keep() without manually adding all possible performer instrument combinations. Maybe @Mineo, the developer of the plugin, can help here?

The alternative to $keep() is to use $delete() for the complementary set of tags.

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OK I didn’t know about the $delete() function, went with that instead. Thank you for your very helpful assistance.

The next version of the plugin (1.2, not yet on will allow using $keep(performer) for exactly this purpose.