Can't find a slightly different album version

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I’ve been ripping my ex brother in law’s CD collection so he can have it all on a music server I’m setting up.
Came across a 2 disc album by the Cro-Mags. “Hard Times in an Age of Quarrel” but it is not the one and only release of that album on MusicBrainz, or Discogs, or anywhere else I’ve looked.

The track names and order are different on disc 1 but all the track times are either exact or only off a second or two. Disc 2 is a perfect match to the MB database. Ex-BiL likes to clean, and move things. And he’s put that album $diety knows where, not in the stack where I left it.
Track list as ripped by Windows Media Player.
Disc 1
We Gotta Know
World Peace
Show No Mercy
Apocalypse Now
See the Signs
Survival Of The Streets
Days Of Confusion
Street Justice
The Only One
Crush The Demoniac
Down But Not Out
Seekers Of The Truth
It’s The Limit
Life On My Own
Signs Of The Time

Compare to

This may explain it. Whatever database WMP uses could have it confused with this release that has 21 tracks on Disc 1, and the titles but not times match. (So this release ought to be added to the Cro-Mags in the database.)

So I’ll just drag them over in order and save and it will most likely be correct.

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Yet another reason to use EAC over WMP? :thinking:

Great spotting re. track order on the other version. I’ve added it (from Discogs) to MB, maybe it will help someone in future.

Edit: Okay, I’ve added it, but it looks likely that some tracks are actually merged on the CD/don’t reflect what’s printed. If your BiL (who is lucky to have you eh!) has the jewel case version and it pops up again it would be great to know.